Official Savage Worlds Sites

Visit the site of the company that produces the Official Savage Worlds products: Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Visit their forums to ask questions or to read what others have posted: Savage Worlds Forum. Or perhaps, you want to see the section that is specifically for their Deadlands setting.

Maybe you want to read and post about Savage Worlds on Facebook: Official Savage Worlds Group

Unofficial Savage Worlds Sites: Fan Sites

Civilized Savagery

The Civilized Savage Fan is a site that describes several of my own setting rules.


The Savagepedia was my favorite fan site when I first started playing Savage Worlds in 2010. However, it has not been touched very much in several years and many projects are only partially completed, which makes it look more like a Savage Worlds Fan Graveyard. Playability and quality varies between the submissions but it is still worth taking a look to at least trigger your own ideas.

Zadmar's Savage Stuff

Zadmar's Savage Stuff is a blog that talks about a wide variety of Savage Worlds topics, including publishing your own Fan products.

Zadmar's Savage Worlds Stuff

Zadmar's Savage Worlds Stuff is an older site than the blog (above), but this is what first attracted my attention to Zadmar's work. I like it. I find that I tend to agree with his sense of what is fair and I like that it fits well with the mechanics of the game and mathematics.